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Literally Prewell refers to the combination of the words "precious" and "well," which means to take the first step as a core part maker into the global IT business sector. SJM Prewell has a vision for a small but strong, profit-making and ever-lasting venture company. We are determined to apply such vision to laying a strong foundation for leading SJM Prewell into the right path in cooperation with all the executives and employees, who have a strong desire for more research and development and are enthusiastic about company development. In addition, we will do our best to make SJM Prewell a reliable company having a high regard for customers.

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Product Categories                                                                                                                                          

Amplifiers --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Low Noise Amplifiers
The features of SJM Prewell&lqquot&s LNA are high linear performance, low noise figure, low power consumption and high reliability. More...

IF Amplifiers
The features of SJM Prewell&lqquot&s IF Amplifier are high linear performance, high reliability and provide stable current variation over temperature. More...

Gainblock Amplifiers
SJM Prewell’s Gainblock have excellent input/output return loss and high linear performance. The device can be easily matched to obtain optimum power and linearity.  More...

Driver Amplifiers (<1Watt)
The SJM Prewell&lqquot&s Driver Amplifiers have feature exellent input/output return loss and high linear performance. More...

Power Amplifiers (>1Watt)
The SJM Prewell&lqquot&s Power Amplifiers have feature exellent input/output return loss and high linear performance. More...

CATV Solution
The SJM Prewell&lqquot&s CATV Amplifiers have high gain, high linear performance and high reliability and provide stable current variation over temperature. More...

SMATV Solution
The SJM Prewell&lqquot&s Satellite Amplifiers have high gain, high linear performance and high reliability and provide stable current variation over temperature. More...

Passive Components -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

SJM Prewell’s Divider have a good input/output matching and exceptional amplitude/phase balance. More...

RF Transfomers / Baluns 
The Transformer is a RoHS compliant RF flux coupled transformer in a low cost and broadband. The Applications include impedance matching and balanced amplifier.More...



SDM (Sync Detect Module)
SJM Prewell’s Sync Detector PDM-T100 Provides accurate TDD Timing directly generated from LTE-TDD’s RAS RF signal. More...

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Part Number Description Datasheet
PG211     5-4000 MHz,21.6 dB,14.0 dBm,25.5 dBm     
PG311 5-4000 MHz,22.4 dB,15.3 dBm,28.0 dBm
PG411 5-4000 MHz,21.3 dB,16.5 dBm,29.3 dBm
PG631 5-4000 MHz,20.2 dB,18.8 dBm,34.2 dBm
PG671 5-4000 MHz,15.5 dB,18.0 dBm,34.7 dBm
PG771 5-4000 MHz,16.8 dB,19.0 dBm,36.0 dBm
PS205 5-3000 MHz,22.2 dB,13.0 dBm,26.4 dBm
PS305 5-4000 MHz,22.5 dB,15.0 dBm,28.2 dBm
PS401 5-4000 MHz,19.0 dB,15.0 dBm,29.5 dBm
PS404 5-4000 MHz,22.4 dB,15.0 dBm,29.2 dBm
PW210 5-6000 MHz,21.0 dB,16.0 dBm,30.0 dBm
PW250 5-6000 MHz,18.5 dB,16.0 dBm,30.0 dBm
PW290 5-3000 MHz,13.5 dB,15.4 dBm,31.3 dBm
PW350 5-3000 MHz,16.7 dB,17.6 dBm,33.5 dBm
PW370 5-4000 MHz,14.8 dB,17.7 dBm,32.5 dBm
PW410 5-4000 MHz,20.5 dB,19.0 dBm,35.5 dBm
PW450 5-6000 MHz,18.0 dB,18.5 dBm,35.5 dBm
PW470 5-4000 MHz,16.0 dB,19.2 dBm,35.0 dBm
PW510 5-4000 MHz,20.5 dB,20.0 dBm,38.0 dBm
PW550 5-4000 MHz,18.2 dB,20.0 dBm,37.5 dBm
PW570 5-4000 MHz,16.4 dB,20.0 dBm,37.8 dBm
PG451 300-3000 MHz,16.3 dB,22.8 dBm,33 dBm
PG611 5-4000 MHz,21.4 dB,16.7 dBm,30.5 dBm
PNW234 500-3000 MHz,18 dB,19 dBm,33 dBm
PNW254 5-3000 MHz,14.5 dB,20 dBm,29 dBm
PNW533 5-3000 MHz,18 dB,13.5 dBm,27 dBm
PW210-63 5-6000 MHz,21.0 dB,15.2 dBm,29.4 dBm
PW250-63 5-6000 MHz,18.4 dB,15.1 dBm,29.8 dBm
PW290-63 5-6000 MHz,13.6 dB,15.2 dBm,31.0 dBm
PS103-63 5-3000 MHz,21.0 dB,8.5 dBm,21.2 dBm
PS304-63 5-3000 MHz,22.2 dB,15.0 dBm,27.7 dBm
PNW464 500-3000 MHz,14.5 dB,21.5 dBm,32 dBm
PS201-63 5-3000 MHz,18.0 dB,13.0 dBm,27.0 dBm
PS204-63 5-3000 MHz,21.8 dB,13.1 dBm,26.0 dBm
PW111 5-1000 MHz,26.0 dB,18.9 dBm,34.0 dBm
PW112 5-1000 MHz,26.0 dB,19.5 dBm,35.7 dBm
PW113 5-1000 MHz,22.0 dB,20.0 dBm, 39.0 dBm
PW114 5-1000 MHz,19.1 dB,19.7 dBm,40.0 dBm
PW115 5-1000 MHz,15.9 dB,19.3 dBm,41.0 dBm
PW117 5-1000 MHz,16.0 dB,19.5 dBm,42.5 dBm
PW118 5-500 MHz,29.0 dB,20.8 dBm,40.0 dBm
PW119 5-500 MHz,22.1 dB,20.5 dBm,42.0 dBm
PW11A 5-500 MHz,19.7 dB,23.9 dBm,44.0 dBm
PH230 1500-3000 MHz,17.2 dB,22.5 dBm,38.0 dBm
PH330 500-3000 MHz,14.5 dB,22.5 dBm,41.5 dBm
PH335 1500-3000 MHz,14.9 dB,26.3 dBm,42.4 dBm
PH435 1500-3000 MHz,16.8 dB,25.5 dBm,42.0 dBm
PH465 500-3000 MHz,15.0 dB,25.1 dBm,41.5 dBm
PH480 1500-3000 MHz,15.2 dB,27.0 dBm,44.0 dBm
PH485 800-3000 MHz,15.3 dB,28.0 dBm,44.0 dBm
PH520 1500-2500 MHz,14.0 dB,30.0 dBm,45.0 dBm
PNH15 5-3000 MHz,15.5 dB,23.6 dBm,40 dBm
PH530-S8 800-3000 MHz,15.7 dB,29.5 dBm,46.0 dBm
PM2040 800-2700 MHz,24.0 dB,25.0 dBm,40.5 dBm
PM2060 800-2700 MHz,22.5 dB,29.5 dBm,46.0 dBm
PH630-S8 800-3000 MHz,14.5 dB,30.7 dBm,48.5 dBm
PH635-S8 800-2300 MHz,12.8 dB,31.0 dBm,45.5 dBm
PH830-S8 800-2300 MHz,10.5 dB,33.0 dBm,48.0 dBm
PK833 40-2200 MHz,17.1 dB,20.0 dBm,39.0 dBm
PK831 40-1200 MHz,17.2 dB,20.0 dBm,39.0 dBm
PT150 45-1000 MHz,15.5 dB,19.2 dBm,37.0 dBm
PW120 45-1000 MHz,19.0 dB,18.6 dBm,33.0 dBm
PW125 45-1000 MHz,21.5 dB,18.5 dBm,35.0 dBm
PT152 45-1000 MHz,13.5 dB,22.0 dBm,43.0 dBm
PW128 50-870 MHz,16.3 dB,22.2 dBm,40.5 dBm
PL07A 5-3000 MHz,20.8 dB,17.1 dBm,34.0 dBm
PL08 5-3000 MHz,19.5 dB,16.5 dBm,30 dBm
PLF08A 824-894 MHz,20.0 dB,13.0 dBm,25.5 dBm
PLF09A 880-960 MHz,19.0 dB,13.0 dBm,25.5 dBm
PLF16A 1500-1700 MHz,15.5 dB,14.0 dBm,27.5 dBm
PLF18A 1750-1870 MHz,14.6 dB,14.0 dBm,29.0 dBm
PLF20A 1920-2170 MHz,13.4 dB,14.0 dBm,29.0 dBm
PLF25A 2300-2700 MHz,11.5 dB,14.0 dBm,29.0 dBm
PLN20 1750-2170 MHz,13.0 dB,14.0 dBm,27.0 dBm
PLN25 2300-2700 MHz,11.0 dB,15.0 dBm,31.0 dBm
PD09A 700-1000 MHz
PD18A 1500-2300 MHz
PD26A 1800-3000 MHz
PB4T1A 1-500 MHz
PBI21A 3-300 MHz
PBI41A 1-350 MHz
PBR11S 4.5-3000 MHz
PBS10A 5~1000 MHz
PBS30A 5-3000 MHz

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