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Littelfuse offers POWR-GARD®, Teccor®, Wickmann®, Pudenz® and SIDACtor® brand circuit protection products, with a wide range of technologies such as fuses, PTCs, varistors, TVS diodes, thyristors and silicon protection arrays. As a worldwide leader in circuit protection products and solutions, the Littelfuse portfolio is backed by industry leading technical support, design and manufacturing expertise. Littelfuse products are vital components in virtually every product that uses electrical energy, including automobiles, computers, consumer electronics, handheld devices, industrial equipment, and telecom/datacom circuits.

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Product Categories                                                                                                                                          

Littelfuse FusesLittelfuse manufactures the broadest
and most innovative selection of fuses 
to serve nearly every possible application 

Fuse Blocks, Fuse Holders and Fuse Accessories
Littelfuse Fuse Blocks, Fuse Holders and Fuse AccessoriesEnable easy fuse installation and replacement
with our comprehensive line of fuse blocks,
fuse holders, and fuse accessories for
automotive, electronic, and industrial applications 

Automotive Sensors
Littelfuse offers an extensive portfolio of Automotive Sensors that includes a wide range of automotive and commercial vehicle products designed to monitor the passenger compartment occupants and environment as well as the vehicle’s powertrain, emissions, speed and suspension. More...

Magnetic Sensors and Reed Switches
Littelfuse is a global leader in providing magnetic sensing
solutions. Our selection of magnetic sensors includes reed 
switches, reed sensors, Hall Effect sensors, and reed relays, 
as well as bare and packaged magnetic actuators. 

TVS Diodes
Low incremental surge resistance
Unidirectional and Bidirectional polarities available
Reverse standoff voltages range from 5V to 495V
Peak power ratings from 400W to 30kW
High current protection available - 1kA, 3kA, 6kA, 10kA and 15kA 

TVS Diode Arrays
Littelfuse TVS Diode ArraysProtect electronics from fast and damaging voltage transients, such as lightning and electrostatic discharge (ESD) — Littelfuse TVS Diode Arrays offer an ideal protection solution for I/O interfaces and digital and analog signal lines. Find the TVS Diode Arrays you’re looking for by browsing our products below More...

PolyZen Devices
Combination PolySwitch PTC and zener diode in a single package
Helps protect downstream components from overvoltage,
overcurrent, and reverse bias
Single component placement reduces material and
manufacturing costs 

Resettable PTCs
Resettable Overcurrent Protection From 
The Industry Leader
Wide Selection of Surface Mount, Radial 
Leaded and Battery Strap Items
New Low Resistance Resettable PTCs Now Available

Battery mini-Breakers
Helps provide resettable overtemperature and overcurrent
protection in high-capacity LiP and prismatic cells. 
Capable of handling the high battery discharge currents in
tablets, ulta-books, and notebook PCs.

LED Protectors

Littelfuse LED ProtectorsLED Protectors are perfect for reverse polarity and ESD protection for high reliability outdoor lighting. Protect your LED electronic devices from potential overvoltage and overcurrent transients.

Protection Relays and Controls
Littelfuse Protection Relays and Controls More...

DC Solenoids and Relays
DC solenoids are relays used for remote switching of electrical currents from 20A to 600A. Littelfuse offers a variety of DC solenoids and relays, such as solid state relays, plug-in relays, compact relays and much more. Browse our selection below.  More...

Custom-Engineered Electrical Equipment
Littelfuse Custom-Engineered Electrical Equipment More...

Battery Management
Littelfuse battery management devices provide various methods of conserving starting power, protecting against over-discharge, combining power from two battery banks, and protecting auxiliary equipment such as liftgate motors. More...

Fusible Switches and Panels
Littelfuse Fusible Switches and PanelsPre-Engineered Fusible Panels and Switches provide a complete, one-piece solution for easy procurement and code compliance. Select a series below for more information. More...

Gas Discharge Tubes
Littelfuse Gas Discharge TubesHigh voltage transient surge protection in small devices 
Designed to dissipate large amounts of energy 
Good choice for lightning surge protection 
Widely applied to outdoor telecom equipment 
Leaded and surface mount configurations available 

The electrical and electronic switches section includes all kinds of manually-operated, foot-operated, and mechanically-operated switches; and switches operated by temperature or pressure. See RELAYS section for remotely-operated switches. Browse our selection of electrical and electronic switches below. More...

Switching Thyristors
Littelfuse Switching ThyristorsSolid state switches used to control the flow of electrical current
Often used for circuit protection in home appliance, electrical tool and outdoor equipment applications
Wide selection of thru-hole and surface mount options available
Browse our variety of switching thyristors below.

Polymer ESD Suppressors
Ideal for protecting high speed data line applications, 
Polymer ESD Suppressor devices offer extremely low 
capacitance and small size — they ensure ESD protection 
while ensuring signal integrity 

SIDACtor Protection Thyristors
Littelfuse SIDACtor Protection ThyristorsA broad range of semiconductor protection thyristor over-voltage transient suppression devices designed to serve requirements of telecom and data networking equipment applications. More...

Shock-Block™ GFCI
Littelfuse Shock-Block™ GFCI More...

Littelfuse VaristorsRugged and reliable overvoltage protection 
Many form factor and protection ranges available 
High surge capability - up to 70,000 Amp 
Thermal protection options available 
Browse our products below to find varistors 

Other Products and Accessories
Littelfuse Other Products and AccessoriesMore...

Power Semiconductors
Comprehensive portfolio of advanced power semiconductor 
components, including silicon and wide band gap solutions 
in discrete and multi-chip module forms. 

Surge Protection Module

Thermally protected varistor technology
IP66 water-proof and dust-proof
CE Compliance
UL1449 Type 4 Recognized
Compliant with IEC 61643-11 Class II and EN 61643-11 Class II

DC Power Distribution Modules (PDM)

Power Distribution Modules (PDM) for vehicles or commercial equipment feature multiple electrical power outputs, acceptance of many fuses, fuse types & relays and allow for custom configuration. More...

EMC Components

Common Mode Noise Filters (CMF) attenuate common mode 
noise in differential and balanced transmission, and power 
supply and audio lines. CMF are ideal for suppressing 
unwanted common mode noise with frequencies ranging from 
hundreds of MHz to GHz with no adverse effect on the signals.


Littelfuse now offers a range of power inductors 
utilizing thin film photolithography technology 
metal alloy composite with low loss and high current 
capability for power supply circuits