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Part Number Description Datasheet
HC0901A 1.5V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 3200Hz
HC0903A 3V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 3200Hz
HC0905A 5V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 3200Hz
HC0901C 1.5V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 2731Hz
HC0903C 3V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 2731Hz
HC0905C 5V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 2731Hz
HC0901D 1.5V, <=80mA, >=80dB, 2731Hz
HC0903D  3V, <=80mA, >=82dB, 2731Hz
HC0905D 5V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 2731Hz
HC0901E 1.5V, <=80mA, >=80dB, 2731Hz
HC0903E 3V, <=80mA, >=82dB, 2731Hz
HC0905E 5V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 2731Hz
HC0901F  1.5V, <=80mA, >=80dB, 3200Hz
HC0903F 3V, <=80mA, >=82dB, 3200Hz
HC0905F 5V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 3200Hz
HC0901K 1.5V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 2731Hz
HC0903K 3V, <=90mA, >=85dB, 2731Hz
HC0905K 5V, <=70mA, >=85dB, 2731Hz
HC12G-1P 1.5V, <=30mA, >=85dB, 2048Hz
HC12G-2P 1.5V, <=15mA, >=80dB, 2048Hz
HC12G-105A 1.5V, <=30mA, >=75dB, 2048Hz
HC12G-105B 1.5V, <=15mA, >=70dB, 2048Hz
HC12G-105C 1.5V, <=15mA, >=70dB, 2048Hz
HCM0901A 1.5V, <=70mA, >=80dB, 2731Hz
HCM0903A 3V, <=70mA, >=82dB, 2731Hz
HCM0905A 5V, <=70mA, >=85dB, 2731Hz
HCM1201A 1.5V, <=70mA, >=75dB, 2400Hz
HCM1203A 3V, <=70mA, >=85dB, 2400Hz
HCM1206A  6V, <=60mA, >=85dB, 2400Hz
HCM1212A 12V, <=60mA, >=85dB, 2400Hz
HCM1203F 3V, <=60mA, >=85dB, 2400Hz
HCM1205F 5V, <=60mA, >=85dB, 2400Hz
HCM1212F 12V, <=60mA, >=85dB, 2400Hz
HCM1601A 1.5V, <=18mA, >=80dB, 2048Hz
HCM1606A 6V, <=40mA, >=85dB, 2048Hz
HCM1612A 12V, <=40mA, >=85dB, 2048Hz
HCM1801 1.5V, <=50mA, >=80dB, 2000~2500Hz
HCM1806 6V, <=50mA, >=85dB, 2000~2500Hz
HCM1812 12V, <=50mA, >=85dB, 2000~2500Hz
HCM1824 24V, <=50mA, >=85dB, 2000~2500Hz
HCM2505B 5V, <=75mA, >=85dB, 1000~1500Hz
HCM2506B 6V, <=75mA, >=85dB, 1000~1500Hz
HCM2512B 12V, <=55mA, >=85dB, 1000~1500Hz
HCM2506A 6V, <=100mA, >=85dB, 730Hz
HCM1612G 12V, <=40mA, >=98dB, 2048Hz
HC0903S 3V, <=80mA, >=82dB, 2731Hz
HC1203A 3V, <=90mA, >=80dB, 2000Hz
HC12G-04B 1.5V, <=70mA, >=88dB, 2731Hz
HC12G-04F 1.5V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 2731Hz
HCM0603B 3.6V, <=80mA, >=72dB, 3200Hz
HCM0903AX 3V, <=30mA, >=82dB, 3200Hz
HCM0901BX 1.5V, <=25mA, >=80dB, 3100Hz
HCM0905BX 1.5V, <=30mA, >=83dB, 3100Hz
HCM1201BX 1.5V, <=25mA, >=75dB, 2300Hz
HCM1206BX 6V, <=30mA, >=83dB, 2300Hz
HCM1212BX 12V, <=30mA, >=83dB, 2300Hz
HCM1201X  1.5V, <=20mA, >=75dB, 2300Hz
HCM1203X  3V, <=30mA, >=85dB, 2300Hz
HCM1205X 5V, <=30mA, >=85dB, 2300Hz
HCM1206X <=30mA, >=85dB, 2300Hz
HCM1212X 12V, <=30mA, >=85dB, 2300Hz
HCM1601X 1.5V, <=20mA, >=75dB, 2300Hz
HCM1606X 6V, <=30mA, >=85dB, 2300Hz
HCM1612X 12V, <=30mA, >=85dB, 2300Hz
HCM2606AX  6V, <=35mA, >=95dB, 300~500Hz
HCM2612AX 12V, <=35mA, >=95dB, 300~500Hz
HCM2606BX 6V, <=35mA, >=95dB, 300~500Hz
HCM2612BX 2V, <=35mA, >=95dB, 300~500Hz
HCM2624BX 24V, <=35mA, >=95dB, 300~500Hz
HCS0803D 3.6V, <=100mA, >=85dB, 2900Hz
HCS0805D 5V, <=120mA, >=85dB, 2900Hz
HCS0903AC 3V, <=100mA, >=85dB, 2730Hz
HCS0905AC 5V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 2730Hz
HCS0901F 1.5V, <=80mA, >=80dB, 2730Hz
HCS0903F 3V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 2730Hz
HCS0905F 5V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 2730Hz
HCS0901G 1.5V, <=80mA, >=80dB, 2730Hz
HCS0903G 3V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 2730Hz
HCS0905G 5V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 2730Hz
HCS0901H 1.5V, <=80mA, >=80dB, 2730Hz
HCS0903H 3V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 2730Hz
HCS0905H 5V, <=80mA, >=85dB, 2730Hz
HCS1206A 6V, <=60mA, >=85dB, 2400Hz
HCS1212A 12V, <=60mA, >=85dB, 2400Hz
HCS1201B 1.5V, <=70mA, >=72dB, 2400Hz
HCS1206B 6V, <=60mA, >=82dB, 2400Hz
HCS1212B 12V, <=60mA, >=82dB, 2400Hz
HCS1403C 3V, <=70mA, >=87dB, 3200Hz
HCS1405C 5V, <=60mA, >=90dB, 3200Hz
HCS0503C 3V, <=110mA, >=84dB, 4000Hz
HCS0503F 3V, <=100mA, >=75dB, 4000Hz
HCS0503G 3V, <=110mA, >=75dB, 4000Hz
HCS0503H 3V, <=120mA, >=87dB, 3100Hz
HCS0903R 3V, <=80mA, >=87dB, 2700Hz
HCS0903U 3V, <=110mA, >=86dB, 2731Hz
HCS1003M 3.6V, <=100mA, >=93dB, 2830Hz
HCS1003AX 3V, <=30mA, >=85dB, 2700Hz
HCS1005AX 5V, <=30mA, >=85dB, 2700Hz
HCS1201AX 1.5V, <=20mA, >=75dB, 2300Hz
HCS1203AX 3V, <=30mA, >=85dB, 2300Hz
HCS1205AX 5V, <=30mA, >=85dB, 2300Hz
HCS1206AX 6V, <=30mA, >=85dB, 2300Hz
HCS1212AX 12V, <=30mA, >=85dB, 2300Hz
HPA13H 3Vp-p, <=5mA, >=70dB, 4000±500Hz
HPA13K  9Vp-p, <=2mA, >=80dB, 4000±500Hz
HPA17B 5Vp-p, <=1mA, >=78dB, 4000±500Hz
HPA17F 5Vp-p, <=2mA, >=90dB, 4000±500Hz
HPA22D 10Vp-p, <=3mA, >=90dB, 4000±500Hz
HPA45A 12Vp-p, >=100dB(30cm), 2200~4000Hz
HPM14A 5Vp-p, <=3mA, >=80dB, 4000±500Hz
HPA23BX 12VDC, <=10mA, >=85dB(30cm), 3500±500Hz
HPA24AX 12V, <=15mA, >=95dB, 3400±500Hz
HPA30FX 12VDC, <=10mA, >=90dB(30cm), 3200±500Hz
HPM14AX 12V, <=7mA, >=80dB, 4000±500Hz
HPM24AX 12V, <=20mA, >=90dB(30cm), 3700±500Hz
HPM24CX 12VDC, <=15mA, >=95dB, 3400±500Hz
HPM24DX 12VDC, <=20mA, >=85dB(30cm), 3800±500Hz
HPM24BX-1 12V, <=20mA, >=85dB(30cm), 2800±500Hz
HPM24BX-2 12V, <=20mA, >=90dB(30cm), 2800±500Hz
HPS0911A 5Vp-p, <=4.5mA, >=70dB, 4100Hz
HPS09A 5Vp-p, <=3mA, >=68dB, 4000Hz
HPS12F 3Vp-p, <=3mA, >=75dB, 4000Hz
HPS12G 3Vp-p, <=3mA, >=75dB, 4000Hz
HPS12L 5Vp-p, <=5mA, >=81dB, 4000Hz
HPS13C 5Vp-p, <=3mA, >=80dB, 4100±500Hz
HPS16A 3Vp-p, <=5mA, >=75dB, 4000±500Hz
HPS16B 3Vp-p, <=3mA, >=75dB, 4000±500Hz
HPS16C 3V, <=5mA, >=75dB, 4000Hz
HPS17A 9Vp-p, <=5mA, >=80dB, 4000Hz
HPS17D 12Vp-p, <=5mA, >=90dB, 4000Hz
HPS22A 9Vp-p, <=5mA, >=100dB, 4000Hz
HPA10A 10Vp-p, <=5mA, >=80dB, 3200Hz
HPA17C 9Vp-p, <=9mA, >=80dB, 4000Hz
HPA22AX 12V, <=8mA, >=85dB(30cm), 4500±500Hz
HPA23AX 12V, <=20mA, >=90dB(30cm), 3700±500Hz
HPA24CX 12VDC, <=12mA, >=80dB(30cm), 3000±500Hz
HPA30EX 9VDC, <=8mA, >=85dB(30cm), 3500±500Hz
HPA42AX 12VDC, <=12mA, >=100dB(10cm), 2800±500Hz
SXT02A-8 8Ω, 1W, 75dB(1KHz,0.1m,1W), 500~15000Hz
SXT05A-4 4Ω, 0.5W, 76dB(1KHz,0.1m,1W), 800~15000Hz
HSP2035A-8 8Ω, 1W, 79dB(1KHz,1m,1W), 500~20000Hz
HSP2040D-8 8Ω, 2W, 90dB(0.8,1,1.2,1.5KHz average,0.1m,0.1W), 650~20000Hz
HSP3040A-8 8Ω, 1W, 84dB(1,1.2,1.5,2KHz average,0.5m,1W), 450~20000Hz
HSP3040B-8 8Ω, 2W, 84dB(0.8,1,1.2,1.5KHz average,0.5m,1W), 380~20000Hz
HSP50A-8 8Ω, 0.2W, 83dB(1KHz,1m,1W), 360~3400Hz
HSP50B-8 8Ω, 0.2W, 84dB(1KHz,1m,1W), 450~4000Hz
HSP50E-8 8Ω, 0.5W, 83dB(1KHz,1m,1W), 360~3400Hz
HSP50K-8 8Ω, 0.3W, 90dB(0.5m,1W), 450~5000Hz
HSP50X-8 8Ω, 0.25W, 88dB(1KHz,1m,1W), 480~6000Hz
HSP66B-8 8Ω, 1W, 85dB(1KHz,1m,1W), 280~3500Hz
HSB0916B-8 8Ω, 0.7W, 80.5dB(2KHz,0.1m,0.1W), 500~20000Hz
HSB0922A-8 8Ω, 0.5W, 90dB(2KHz,5cm,0.5W), 900~20000Hz
HSB1115G-8 8Ω, 0.7W, 89dB(2KHz,0.1m,0.7W), 500~20000Hz
HSB1115H-8 8Ω, 0.7W, 89dB(2KHz,0.1m,0.7W), 500~20000Hz
HSB1115I-6 6Ω, 0.7W, 92dB(2KHz,0.1m,0.7W), 550~20000Hz
HSB1115K-6 6Ω, 0.7W, 92dB(2KHz,0.1m,0.7W), 500~20000Hz
HSB1318H-8 8Ω, 0.5W, 93dB(2KHz,10cm,0.5W), 800~20000Hz
HSB1425A-8 8Ω, 1W, 85dB(1KHz,0.3m,1W), 700~20000Hz
HSB2030B-8 8Ω, 0.8W, 90dB(1KHz,0.1m,0.1W), 750~6000Hz
HSB2030C-8 8Ω, 0.8W, 90dB(1KHz,0.1m,0.1W), 750~6000Hz
HSB23L-8 8Ω, 0.25W, 87dB(1KHz,0.1m,0.1W), 950~5000Hz
HSB2828B-4 4Ω, 2W, 84dB(0.8~1.5KHz average,0.1m,0.1W), 350~20KHz
HSB28AE-8 8Ω, 1.5W, 82dB(0.8,1.0,1.2,1.5KHz average,1m,1W), 500~20000Hz
HSB28M-8 8Ω, 1W, 83dB(1KHz,1m,1W), 700~6000Hz
HSB28U-8 8Ω, 1.5W, 83dB(0.8,1,1.2,1.5KHz average,1m,1W), 580~20000Hz
HSB30F-8 8Ω, 1W, 86dB(0.8,1,1.2,1.5KHz average,0.5m,1W), 500~7000Hz
HSB30S-8 8Ω, 1W, 89dB(0.8,1.0,1.2,1.5KHz average,0.1m,0.1W), 750~6000Hz
HSB3212A-4 4Ω, 1W, 94dB(2KHz,0.1m,1W), 600~20000Hz
HSB36AA-8 8Ω, 1W, 94dB(0.8,1.0,1.2,1.5KHz average,0.1m,0.1W), 550~10000Hz
HSB36AC-8 8Ω, 1.5W, 92dB(0.8,1.0,1.2,1.5KHz average,0.1m,0.1W), 550~6000Hz
HSB36Q-8 8Ω, 0.5W, 91dB(1KHz,0.1m,0.1W), 400~4500Hz
HSB36W-8 8Ω, 1W, 98dB(0.6,0.8,1,1.2KHz average,0.1m,1W), 580~7000Hz
HSB40E-8 8Ω, 0.5W, 84dB(0.6,0.8,1.0,1.2KHz average,1m,1W), 580~4000Hz
HSB50D-8 8Ω, 0.2W, 84dB(1KHz,1m,1W), 550~4500Hz
HSB66B-8 8Ω, 1W, 85dB(0.6,0.8,1,1.2KHz average,1m,1W), 400~4000Hz
SPS01A  7Vrms, 92dB(1.0, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0KHz, 5cm,5Vrms), 1000~20000Hz
SPS02A 7Vrms, 95dB(1.0, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0KHz, 5cm,5Vrms), 800~20000Hz
SPS03A 7Vrms, 95dB(1.0, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0KHz, 5cm,5Vrms), 800~20000Hz
SPS04A 7Vrms, 98.5dB(1.0, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0KHz, 5cm,5Vrms), 800~20000Hz
HSM23A-8 8Ω, 0.08W, 73dB(1KHz,1m,1W), 1000~5000Hz
HSM30B-8 8Ω, 0.15W, 88dB(1KHz,1m,1W), 700~5000Hz
HSM32A-8 8Ω, 0.15W, 88dB(1KHz,1m,1W), 700~4000Hz
HSR08E-16 16Ω, 1mW, 90.3dB(1KHz,1mW), 150~3000Hz
HSR09A-16 16Ω, 2mW, 92dB(1KHz,2mW), 200~3000Hz
HSR10U-16 16Ω, 2mW, 92dB(1KHz,2mW), 200~3000Hz
HSR20L-150 150Ω, 10mW, 116dB(1KHz,10mW), 750~3000Hz
HSR30D-150 150Ω, 10mW, 106dB(1KHz,179mV), 100~5000Hz
HSR31A-150 150Ω, 106dB(1KHz,1mW), 300~3400Hz
HSR40G-32 32Ω, 10mW, 118dB(1KHz,179mV), 250~3000Hz
HSS1010A-8 8Ω, 1W, 86dB(1.2,1.6,2,3.2KHz average,0.1m,1W), 1200~20000Hz
HSS1313A-8 8Ω, 0.7W, 88dB(1KHz,0.1m,0.7W), 850~16000Hz
HSS1515A-8 8Ω, 0.5W, 77dB(1KHz,0.1m,0.5W), 800~16000Hz
HMO0603A-60 3V, <=0.5mA, -40±3dB, 50~16000Hz
HMO0603B-60 3V, <=0.5mA, -40±3dB, 50~16000Hz
HMO0603C-56 3V, <=0.5mA, -36±3dB, 50~16000Hz
HMO1003A-60 3V, <=0.5mA, -40±3dB, 50~16000Hz
HMO1002B-62 2V, <=0.5mA, -42±3dB, 50~16000Hz
HBO0402D-62 2V, <=0.5mA, -42±3dB, 100~10000Hz
HBO0602K-65 2V, <=0.5mA, -45±3dB, 100~16000Hz
HBO0602K-65 3V, <=0.5mA, -33±3dB, 100~10000Hz
HBU0602A-70 2V, <=0.5mA, -50±3dB, 100~10000Hz
HBU0603C-60 3V, <=0.5mA, -40±3dB, 100~10000Hz
HBU1001B-65 1.5V, <=0.5mA, -45±3dB, 100~10000Hz
HMC1002A-62 2V, <=0.5mA, -42±3dB, 100~10000Hz
HBC0603C-65 3V, <=0.5mA, -45±3dB, 100~10000Hz
HBC1001A-65 1.5V, <=0.5mA, -45±3dB, 100~10000Hz
HBO0403G-66S 3V, <=0.5mA, -46±3dB, 100~10000Hz
SMO01A SMD, 1.5~3.6V, <=0.2mA, -42±3dB, 100~7000Hz
SMO03A SMD, 1.5~3.6V, <=0.2mA, -42±3dB, 100~7000Hz
SMO04A SMD, 1.5V~3.6V, <=0.2mA, -42±3dB, 100~7000Hz
SMO04C SMD, REVERSE MOUNT, 1.5V~3.6V, <=0.2MA,-38±3DB, 100~7000HZ
SMO05A SMD, 1.5V~3.6V, <=0.2mA, -42±3dB, 100~7000Hz
SMO06C SMD, REVERSE MOUNT, 1.5V~3.6V, <=0.2MA,-38±3DB, 100~7000HZ
SDMO03A-26 SMD, 1.5V~3.6V, <=10mA, -26±3dB, 100~7000Hz
SDMO07A-26 SMD, REVERSE MOUNT, 1.5V~3.6V, <=10MA, -26±3DB, 100~7000HZ
SDMO07C-26 SMD, REVERSE MOUNT, 1.5V~3.6V, <=10MA, -26±3DB, 100~7000HZ

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