How do I place an order?
- Please contact us.

What are order minimums and multiples?
- Certain products like resistors or cable come in reels or packs of set length or quantity. They are not available for sale in quantities below certain levels because it is not economical to package them in smaller quantities.

What is a product lead time?
- When high demand for a product results in it being out of stock, we will provide an estimate of how long it will be before we expect additional inventory from the manufacturer to be available for shipment to customers.

What type of order confirmation will I receive?
- We will send an order confirmation to the email address you provided us. The order confirmation will contain the order number and a list of the parts you purchased along with prices and quantities. You will also receive a shipping notice once your order is shipped.

How do I find products?
- Lines By Manufacturers - You can use the Manufacturers Menu. Please select the manufacturer and then you can see products that produced by that manufacturer.
- Lines By Products - You can use the Products Menu. Please select the product and then you can see manufacturers that produced that product.

What is a substitute item?
- An exact substitute is functionally identical (same form, fit and function) but has a different unit of measure from the same manufacturer.
- An upgrade substitute is a product that has been improved by the same manufacturer.
- A suggested substitute is a product that is functionally similar with similar form and fit.

What is an accessory?
- An accessory is a product that will improve or enhance the use of a product.

Can not find the product you&lqquot&re looking for on this site?
- Please contact us.

How do I find more detailed technical information about a product?
- You can click links to datasheets and see more detailed technical information, for many products. If there is no additional technical information available, please contact us.

Do you accept to pay by credit cards?
- You can pay by credit cards via paypal.