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Welwyn Components, a TT electronics company, designs and manufactures electronic components for customers across defence and aerospace, medical, transportation, energy and industrial electronics markets.Key applications are circuit protection, power and energy management, medical device equipment and signal conditioning.Products include: fixed resistors – current sense, high power, precision, fusible, flameproof, high voltage/value, surge/pulse, general purpose and dividers.

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Product Categories                                                                                                                                          

High Stability Resistors
WIN series thin film chip resistors use an advanced metal film technology to provide high levels of reliability and stability for precision resistor applications. The water insoluble nitride film avoids the moisture vulnerability problems of nichrome and passivated nichrome technologies. WIN series delivers very low and predictable life drift and high reliability even under conditions of high humidity and in the event of damage to the component coating layer. This is due to its ability to self-passivate by forming a very thin, highly stable oxide layer. More...

Line Input Resistors                                                                                                                                     

WHS series wirewound high surge resistors were developed as a result of many years of experience assisting power supply circuit designers who were seeking to limit line input inrush current and achieve lightning strike surge protection. Often this forces the use of excessive power ratings, but WHS offers the solution of high surge energies of up to 250J within relatively compact body sizes. By using wirewound technology with optimised choice of alloy and winding design, and in some cases, multiple parallel windings, WHS can replace composition resistors. And it does so without the lack of stability and of fusibility inherent in composition technology. With a value range 1R0 to 330R and power ratings from 2 to 10W, WHS series offers an immediate solution for many line input designs, but like many of our components it can also be customised. More...

Current Sense Resistors
Current sense resistors or shunts are low value parts used to convert current to a small, proportional voltage with the minimum of power loss. TT Electronics has an extensive portfolio of current sense resistors with values extending below 1mΩ and rated at currents over 100A. For best accuracy these products should be connected by four connections, two for the current path and two for voltage sense, and four terminal types facilitate this. 

High Voltage Resistors                                                                                                                                        

Reliable and compact high voltage resistors are essential for a wide range of products from defibrillators to electrostatic paint spray equipment. TT Electronics has extensive expertise in this area and a wide range of products. More...

High Power Resistors
High power resistors are used to dissipate unwanted electrical energy, or as resistive heaters for the deliberate generation of heat. They are often designed for mounting onto a heatsink or housing surface to maximise thermal transfer away from the resistor. Designing with high power resistors requires an appreciation of the methods of thermal management. 

TT Electronics' brand AB Connectors specialises in delivering highly complex electronic connectors and interconnection systems for aerospace & defence, industrial and rail applications.More...