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10/15 Diodes Incorporated Industry’s First Automotive-compliant 40V Dual MOSFET in 3.3mm x 3.3mm Package Introduced by Diodes Incorporated
10/13 Toshiba Electronic Components Expanding the line-up of general purpose logic ICs for automotive devices that can be used for various applications by extending the operating temperature range and satisfying the reliability requirem
10/13 TDK Inductors: TDK develops miniaturized, high-performance automotive power inductors
10/07 Maxim Integrated Maxim Integrated’s Neural Network Accelerator Chip Enables IoT Artificial Intelligence in Battery-Powered Devices
10/07 ON Semiconductor ON Semiconductor Introduces High-Performance CMOS Global Shutter Image Sensor for Machine Vision and Mixed Reality Applications
10/07 Texas Instruments (TI) New single-pair Ethernet PHY extends reach of factory and building automation applications
10/06 Littelfuse Littelfuse TVS Diode Arrays Safeguard Consumer Electronics with 50 A High Surge Resistance, Low Clamping Performance
10/05 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology NTC Thermistor With Long PEEK-Insulated, NiFe Leads Delivers Fast, High Accuracy Measurement
10/05 Toshiba Electronic Components Expansion of the lineup of input and output full range operational amplifiers for sensors for mobile devices that contribute to long-term operation : TC75S103F
10/01 Infineon Technologies Tailored to perform in resonant topologies: the new 650 V CoolMOS™ CFD7
09/30 Diodes Incorporated High-Voltage Analog Multiplexers from Diodes Incorporated Provide Signal Distribution in Industrial IoT Applications
09/30 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Pioneers Smaller and Faster Chargers and Power Supplies with World’s First Driver and GaN Device
09/30 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Releases Small, Low On-resistance Common-drain MOSFET that Contributes to Longer Battery Operating Hours
09/30 TDK TDK releases new stray-field robust 3D HAL® position sensor with SPC interface
09/29 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Raises Performance and Value for Smart, Connected Devices with Even Faster STM32H7 Microcontrollers
09/29 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches Ultra-Low Current Consumption CMOS Operational Amplifier that Contributes to Longer Operating Hours of Battery-Operated Devices
09/29 Omnivision OmniVision Introduces World’s First Medical RGB-IR Image Sensor; Reduces Endoscope Size, Cost, Power and Heat by Half
09/29 TDK Multilayer ceramic capacitors: TDK announces new MLCCs with world-class capacitance for automotive applications
09/28 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Automotive Grade PIN Photodiodes Feature Low 0.7 mm Profile, Increased Signal to Noise Ratio
09/28 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Simplifies Sensor Connections with Flexible, Configurable Dual I/O-Link and SIO Transceiver
09/28 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Handheld quality control: Osram presents the world’s smallest broadband infrared LED for spectroscopy applications
09/28 Omnivision OmniVision Expands Medical Image Signal Processor Family for Endoscopes and Catheters With Cost-Effective MIPI and Analog Input, USB Storage and HDMI Output
09/23 ROHM Semiconductor The Industry’s First Integrated Zero Cross Detection ICs
09/23 Microchip Technology Microchip Introduces High-Reliability, Extended-Temperature Ethernet PHY Transceiver for Aerospace and Military Ground-Based Applications
09/23 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology 200 V N-Channel MOSFET in PowerPAK® 1212‑8S Offers Industry-Low RDS(ON) to Increase Power Density, Save Energy
09/22 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Reveals BlueNRG-2N Network Processor Combining Convenience and Scalability, with Bluetooth® 5.0 Features and Security
09/22 Infineon Technologies TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7 technology now available in a TO-247 housing
09/22 Bourns Inc. Bourns Announces AEC-Q200 Compliant Current-Compensated Dual Choke Filter Inductor Series with High Current Capabilities
09/22 Maxim Integrated Maxim Integrated Enables Dynamic Gesture Sensing for Automotive Applications at Industry’s Lowest Cost and Smallest Size
09/21 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Extends EP1 High Energy Wet Tantalum Capacitor With New Ratings in the B and C Case Codes
09/21 AVX AVX Expands Its Well-Proven Range Of Board-To-Board Battery Connectors With The Addition Of The New 9155-250 Series
09/17 Qorvo Qorvo Launches High Performance BAW Filter to Support Band 41 5G Base Station Deployments
09/17 ams ams introduces ultra-thin sensor bringing new blood-oxygen monitoring capability to earbuds, patches, and other wearable devices
09/16 TT Electronics TT Electronics Introduces New Family of Anti-Sulphur, High Reliability Thin Film Chip Resistors
09/16 Microchip Technology The Industry’s First SoC FPGA Development Kit Based on the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture is Now Available
09/16 Maxim Integrated Maxim Integrated’s Essential Analog Transceivers Deliver Reliable Connectivity and Industry’s Highest Uptime for Industrial Networks Via Enhanced Fault Detection and Operation Range
09/15 TDK EMC components: TDK announces new automotive noise suppression filters for MF and HF bands
09/15 Power Integrations Power Integrations Targets Compact Smart-Lighting Designs With Highly Efficient GaN-Powered LYTSwitch-6 LED Drivers
09/14 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches Photorelays in New Package for High-density Mounting
09/14 NVE NVE Launches AET Line of High-Resolution TMR Rotational / Linear Sensors
09/10 Avago / Broadcom Broadcom Samples Industry’s Highest-Performing Routing Chip at 14.4 Terabits per Second
09/09 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Automotive Grade DC-Link Film Capacitors Deliver Stable Capacitance and ESR in High Humidity Environments
09/09 Renesas Electronics Renesas Introduces DDR5 Data Buffer for High-Performance Server and Cloud Service Applications
09/08 Murata Manufacturing MICS Modules Enable Short Range Wireless Connectivity in Low Power Medical Devices
09/08 Mean Well Enterprises UHP-200/350/500 Series 55V Output Model
09/08 AVX New Embedded, Universal Broadband, LTE/LPWA Antenna for CAT-M & NB-IoT Applications
09/08 AKM Semiconductor AKM releases only 10nA current consumption voltage detector
09/08 Renesas Electronics Renesas Expands Wireless Power Portfolio with 15W Wireless Power P9415-R Receiver Featuring WattShare TRx Mode
09/03 Kyocera Industrial Ceramics KYOCERA Miniaturizes Electronics Connector by 50 Percent in New 5811 Series, Ideal for Wearables
09/03 Infineon Technologies Silicon carbide MADK board for servo drives: Easy start with CoolSiC™ MOSFET technology in drives applications
09/03 Mean Well Enterprises RSDW20UW & RDDW20UW Series 20W 2”x1” 8.5~160Vdc Ultra-wide Input Encapsulated DC/DC Module for Railway Applications
09/02 Infineon Technologies Digital high power factor XDP™ controller for cost-effective flyback LED drivers
09/02 Maxim Integrated Maxim Integrated’s Essential Analog Temperature Sensor ICs Deliver Precision Measurement to Enable Robust Protection for Goods and Equipment
09/01 AVX AVX Supplies the First ESCC QPL Approved Polymer Electrolytic Multianode Capacitors
08/31 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Extends TNPW e3 Series of High Stability Thin Film Flat Chip Resistors With New Device in Compact 0201 Case Size
08/31 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Accelerates Space Applications with 150MHz+ High-Speed Rad-Hard Logic
08/31 Microchip Technology The Industry’s Only Low-Inductance Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power Module and Programmable Gate Driver Kit is Now Available for Inverter Designers
08/31 Toshiba Electronic Components Power MOSFET gate driver IPD for automotive three-phase brushless motors that helps reduce mounting size : TPD7212FN
08/27 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Expands Access to Market-Unique LoRa®-Enabled STM32WL SoC with 48-Pin Package Option
08/27 AVX AVX Releases New Miniature, High-CV Tantalum Chip Capacitors Optimized for Automotive Applications
08/27 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba’s New Photorelays Contribute to Equipment Downsizing by Reducing Mounting Density
08/26 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Miniature Axial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Increase Design Flexibility, Reliability
08/25 Lumileds New LUXEON Rubix Color LEDs – High Power, Small Size and Unmatched Flexibility
08/25 Microchip Technology Microchip Introduces Its Highest-Density EEPROM with 4 Mbit Serial EEPROM Debut
08/25 Omnivision OmniVision Announces Full HD Image Sensor for Mainstream Security Cameras Requiring Excellent Low-Light Pixel Performance
08/24 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Automotive Grade Dual Inductor Reduces Board Space Requirements and Component Counts in Class D Amplifiers
08/24 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Launches High-Accuracy Inclinometer with Machine-Learning Core
08/21 Mean Well Enterprises SKMW/DKMW15 Series 15W 1〞x 1 〞Wide Range Input Isolated DC/DC Converter
08/20 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Reveals Fast-Starting Intelligent Power Switches for Demanding Safety Applications
08/17 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba’s New Photorelays with Low Trigger LED Current Contribute to Low Power Consumption in Battery-Powered Equipment
08/17 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology -30 V P-Channel MOSFET Offers Industry-Low 1.7 mΩ RDS(ON) for High Efficiency, Power Density
08/17 Lumex ezDisplay 7 Segment LED Display Evaluation Board - LDM-0909-R4
08/14 Abracon Abracon Announces New Continuous Voltage SMD Oscillator Family
08/13 Renesas Electronics Renesas Introduces Two Dual-Output Synchronous Controllers with Low Quiescent Current for Automotive Always-On Systems
08/12 Maxim Integrated Maxim Integrated Leverages 1-Wire Protocol to Reduce Complexity and Provide Industry’s Lowest Cost Solution for Building Networks of Remotely Connected I2C and SPI Sensors
08/11 Maxim Integrated Maxim Integrated’s USB-C Power Delivery Solutions Accelerate Industry Adoption by Cutting Development Time by Three Months and Reducing Solution Size in Half
08/10 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Snap-in Power Aluminum Capacitors Enable Higher Power Density, Increased Longevity
08/06 TDK Surge protection: Failsafe chip varistors for automotive battery lines
08/05 Taiyo Yuden TAIYO YUDEN Improves Operating Temperature of Bluetooth® 5 Compatible Wireless Communications Modules to +105°C
08/05 TDK TDK announces ultra-high AOP Analog MEMS microphone, ICS-40638
08/04 TDK EMC components: EMC filters for drive applications
08/04 Renesas Electronics Renesas Introduces Bluetooth Low Energy Module for Ultra-Low Power IoT Applications
08/04 Peregrine(pSemi) pSemi Expands Portfolio with Two High-Performance Digital Step Attenuators
08/04 Microchip Technology Microchip Introduces New 8-Channel Flashtec® PCIe® Gen 4 Enterprise NVMe™ SSD Controller
08/04 Littelfuse Smallest Littelfuse PPTCs Protect Portable Devices from Overcurrent, Overtemperature Conditions
08/03 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Eases Design of Advanced Energy-Saving Power Supplies with Eco-Certified 400W Evaluation Board
08/03 Bourns Inc. Bourns Introduces AEC-Q200 Compliant CANbus Inductor Series
07/30 Infineon Technologies New power module for mid-power electric vehicle traction inverters
07/30 Diodes Incorporated Precision Op Amp from Diodes Incorporated Features Ultra-Low Input Offset Voltage and Low Noise
07/30 CTS CTS Releases New 11CE & 12CE Series Rotary Encoders
07/29 STMicroelectronics Low-Profile Surface-Mount Schottky Diodes from STMicroelectronics Boost Power Density and Efficiency
07/29 Renesas Electronics Renesas Unveils Industry’s Highest Accuracy Optically Isolated Delta-Sigma Modulator for Industrial Automation Applications
07/29 Lumileds Industry-Leading LUXEON 5050 LED Gets Performance Boost for Best-in-Class Flux and Efficacy
07/29 Mean Well Enterprises LDH-25/65Series 25/65W DC/DC LED Power Supply
07/28 Microchip Technology Single-pair Ethernet PHY Offers the Industry’s Leading Ultra-low TC10-compliant Sleep Current and is Functional Safety Ready
07/23 Diodes Incorporated Diodes Incorporated Optimizes PNP Transistors for Automotive Matrix LED Lighting
07/22 Toshiba Electronic Components Expansion of the lineup of 80 V N-channel power MOSFETs with the adoption of a new process that helps to improve the efficiency of power supplies : TPH2R408QM, TPH4R008QM, TPN8R408QM, TPN12008QM
07/22 ams ams launches world’s smallest proximity/light sensor module to enable phone makers to reduce bezel width
07/21 Microsemi ON Semiconductor Provides Secure End-to-End Bluetooth® Low Energy Solution using Veridify Technology
07/21 AKM Semiconductor AKM develops ultra-low power intelligent system wakeup ADC with integrated Acoustic Activity Analyzer consuming only 30μA
07/21 TDK Power Supplies: Fast Response, Multi-Functional DC Electronic Load SFL series
07/21 Maxim Integrated Maxim Integrated’s Ultra-Low-Power Dual Core Microcontroller with BLE 5.2 Shrinks BOM Costs by Up to 33 Percent for IoT Applications
07/20 Infineon Technologies Extremely small power-saving 3D magnetic sensor opens up new design options
07/20 NVE NVE Introduces Transceivers with Integrated DC-DC Convertors
07/16 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches Constant-Current 2-Phase Stepping Motor Driver for Automotive Applications
07/16 Toshiba Electronic Components Lineup expansion of SiC SBDs of 650 V contributing to high efficiency of power supply PFCs : TRS12N65FB, TRS16N65FB, TRS20N65FB, TRS24N65FB
07/16 Qorvo Qorvo® Advances Defense Phased Array Radar Performance and Capabilities with 150W GaN Power Amplifier
07/15 Power Integrations Power Integrations Releases Highly Integrated InnoSwitch3 Flyback Switcher IC for Automotive BEV and PHEV Applications
07/15 ROHM Semiconductor Blue-Green Chip LEDs Ideal for Color Universal Design Applications
07/14 Diodes Incorporated 40V Synchronous Buck Converters from Diodes Incorporated Deliver High Efficiency with Low EMI for Automotive POL Applications
07/13 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology’s ENYCAP™ Energy Storage Capacitors Now Available in Seven Smaller Case Sizes
07/13 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Simplifies IoT-Node Connectivity and Security with Latest STM32 Discovery Kit and Expansion Software
07/09 Littelfuse Littelfuse Introduces PSX High-Speed Fuse Line for Battery Energy Storage Applications
07/09 Renesas Electronics Renesas Unveils Integrated LIN Interface Sensor Signal Conditioner for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle HVAC Systems
07/08 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology 30 V MOSFET Half-Bridge Power Stage Delivers 11 % Higher Output Current in PowerPAIR® 3x3F
07/08 Maxim Integrated Industry’s Thinnest Dual-Photodetector Optical Sensor Solution by Maxim Integrated Accelerates Time to Market for Wearable Health and Fitness Products
07/07 Lumileds Lumileds Combines Record-breaking Efficiency with Impeccable Light Quality in Proven 3030 LED Package for Indoor and Outdoor Luminaires
07/07 Texas Instruments (TI) TI introduces the industry’s first zero-drift Hall-effect current sensors
07/07 Infineon Technologies Motor System ICs from Infineon for control of small electric motors in cars offer a completely new level of integration
07/02 Renesas Electronics Renesas Adds Leading Power Efficiency to Ultra-Low Power Embedded Controller RE Family
07/01 ROHM Semiconductor The Industry’s First High-Speed Op Amp that Eliminates Oscillation due to Load Capacitance
06/30 Murata Manufacturing 01005 inch Size Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor with a Capacitance Value of 1.0μF, another world’s first from Murata
06/30 Lumileds Lumileds Increases Output and Maximizes Field Usable Lumens in its Next Gen LUXEON HL2X LED
06/30 Littelfuse Littelfuse Adds 105ºC Rated, 800V Solid State Relay to Product Line
06/30 TDK Magnetic Sensors: TDK brings redundancy to its TMR angle sensor portfolio and aligns with ASIL D safety standard
06/30 Power Integrations LinkSwitch-TN2 High-Voltage Switcher ICs from Power Integrations Now Certified for Automotive Use
06/30 Diodes Incorporated Low Voltage Automotive Buck Converter from Diodes Incorporated with Programmable PFM/PWM for Enhanced Efficiency
06/30 Infineon Technologies New silicon carbide power module for electric vehicles
06/29 Microchip Technology Microchip Delivers the Smallest Automotive maXTouch Controllers for Smart Surfaces and Multi-function Displays
06/29 Texas Instruments (TI) New buck-boost battery chargers deliver 50% greater power density and three times faster charging for USB Type-C™, USB PD and wireless dual-input charging
06/29 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Releases Industry’s First Photocouplers for High-Speed Communications that can Operate from 2.2V
06/29 ams Performance gains in new digital X-ray readout IC from ams achieve clearer images at lower radiation doses
06/25 TDK Power Supplies: TDK developed chassis mount DC-DC Converters RDS-A Series, suit best for instruments related signal on railway system
06/25 Bourns Inc. Bourns Extends Rotary Encoder Line with New Model Featuring High Detent Force with Smooth Tactile Feedback
06/25 Infineon Technologies New sensing and balancing IC for battery management systems in electric cars
06/25 Renesas Electronics Renesas Introduces Rugged and High Performance 100V Half-Bridge MOSFET Drivers
06/24 Allegro Allegro Releases World’s Most Accurate 400 kHz Current Sensor IC with 5 kV Isolation Rating
06/24 CTS CTS Introduces Ultra Low Voltage and Miniaturized Multilayer Piezoelectric Actuators Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing Services
06/24 Bourns Inc. Bourns Introduces Dual Channel TBU® High-Speed Protectors Designed for RS-485 Interface Applications
06/23 TDK NTC thermistors: Robust temperature sensor for E-mobility
06/22 Maxim Integrated Ultra-Reliable Arm Cortex-M4F Microcontroller from Maxim Integrated Offers Industry’s Lowest Power Consumption and Smallest Size for Industrial, Healthcare and IoT Sensor Applications
06/18 TE Connectivity New Product: KILOVAC K250 High Voltage DC Contactor
06/17 Mean Well Enterprises RSDW40/60 & RDDW40/60 Series 40W/60W 2〞x 1 〞 Module Type Railway DC/DC Converter
06/16 TDK TDK announces world’s lowest-power PDM microphone, T3902
06/16 TE Connectivity New Product: XRC and SRC Connectors
06/16 TE Connectivity New Product: EB16 Termini
06/16 TE Connectivity New Product: LVDT Position Sensors
06/15 Microchip Technology Microchip Expands Adaptec SmartRAID Product Portfolio with New Entry-level Adapter
06/12 Lumex SML-LXF3535UVCC10 and New UVC LED Evaluation Board
06/11 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches Lens Reduction Type 1500-Pixel Monochrome CCD Linear Image Sensors for Industrial Equipment
06/09 Murata Manufacturing Murata introduces world’s smallest ferrite Chip beads for automotive power supply applications
06/09 Microchip Technology Microchip Introduces 3 kW Transient Voltage Suppressor Diode Array Family for Superior Circuit Protection in Harsh Environments
06/09 Renesas Electronics Renesas Unveils RZ/V Microprocessor Series with Vision-Optimized Artificial Intelligence Accelerator
06/08 Infineon Technologies LED driver IC BCR431U gives more freedom in designing low current LED strips
06/08 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Take photos like a pro – Osram presents its first intelligent 3D sensing emitter module
06/04 Semtech Semtech Introduces New RClamp® Device for Safeguarding USB Type-C Interfaces
06/04 Renesas Electronics Renesas Introduces New I3C Bus Extension Products
06/03 ams New ams position sensors for high-speed electric motors to improve car industry’s electrification efforts
06/03 Mean Well Enterprises RSD-500 Series 500W Fanless Enclosed Type DC/DC Converter
06/02 TDK Capacitors: Extended range of axial hybrid-polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors
06/02 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Adds Automotive Display Interface Bridge ICs for In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems
06/02 AKM Semiconductor AKM releases AK8781, the smallest ever latch-type Hall IC with 60% smaller package size than its conventional product
06/02 Omnivision OmniVision Unveils World’s First Automotive Wafer-Level Camera Module, Enabling Better Driver Monitoring Systems in More Vehicles
06/02 Johanson Technology Johanson releases multi-constellation embedded antenna
06/02 Omnivision OmniVision Launches World’s First Image Sensor for Automotive Viewing Cameras with 140 dB HDR and Top LED Flicker Mitigation Performance
06/02 TE Connectivity New Product: FPS2800 Oil Property Sensor
06/01 NVE NVE Launches the World’s Smallest Isolated DC-DC Convertor
05/29 Infineon Technologies CoolSiC™ MOSFET 1700 V SMD enables best efficiency and reduced complexity for high voltage auxiliary power supplies
05/28 Bourns Inc. Bourns Adds Three New High-Power Rated Model Series to its Thick Film Resistor Line
05/28 Murata Manufacturing SCHA600 6-DOF XYZ-Axis Gyroscope & XYZ-Axis Accelerometer with Digital SPI Interface
05/28 Diodes Incorporated Low Dropout Regulator from Diodes Incorporated Offers High PSRR in Small Footprint for Noise-Sensitive Applications
05/28 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba’s 600V Small Intelligent Power Device Helps Lower Motor Power Dissipation
05/28 TE Connectivity New Product: SMI pressure sensor for portable applications
05/27 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Reveals Next-Generation NFC Reader IC for Digital Car Keys
05/27 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Lowers TCR for TNPU e3 Series Ultra Precision Thin Film Flat Chip Resistors in 0603, 0805, and 1206 Case Sizes
05/27 Mean Well Enterprises DDR-480 Series 480W Fanless DIN Rail DC/DC Converter
05/27 Diodes Incorporated MIPI 2:1 Switch from Diodes Incorporated Offers Cost-Effective Support for Multi-Camera Devices
05/26 AKM Semiconductor AKM releases 5.9GHz transceiver IC with IF filter and power amplifier for supporting Japanese ETC2.0/ETC system
05/26 Toshiba Electronic Components SiC SBDs of 650 V/12 A contributing to power saving and high efficiency of power supply PFCs : TRS12A65F, TRS12E65F
05/25 Toshiba Electronic Components A MOSFET gate driver switch IPD for automotive high current applications : TPD7106F
05/25 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ Latest Time-of-Flight Sensor Enables Multi-Object Ranging for Next-Gen Industrial and Personal Electronics Applications
05/22 Toshiba Electronic Components Bidirectional TVS diode with a higher peak pulse current rating that contributes to improving reliability of the IC’s power supply lines : DF2B5PCT, DF2B7PCT
05/21 Diodes Incorporated Power Block MOSFET from Diodes Incorporated Increases Power Converter Efficiency and Saves PCB Space
05/20 Infineon Technologies World’s first fully self-contained Raspberry Pi audio HAT board with MERUS™ class D multilevel amplifier
05/19 Xilinx Xilinx ‘Lifts Off’ with Launch of Industry’s First 20nm Space-Grade FPGA for Satellite and Space Applications
05/19 ROHM Semiconductor New Automotive Monolithic LED Driver that Ensures Stable Lighting Even During Battery Voltage Drops
05/19 Diodes Incorporated Industry-First, Automotive-Compliant ReDriver from Diodes Incorporated Enables DisplayPort via USB Type-C
05/19 Omnivision OmniVision Unveils First Automotive Image Sensor With Nyxel® Technology for Best Low-Light, RGB-IR Performance in Exterior, Near-Range Applications
05/14 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Releases MOSFET Gate Driver Switch IPD for Automotive ECUs
05/14 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Intuitive interaction: Ultra-compact infrared LED from Osram enables gesture control in car interiors
05/14 TDK Inductors: Compact SMT current sense transformers
05/13 Toshiba Electronic Components 40 V/60 V N-channel power MOSFETs with small and surface mounting that contributes to low power consumption of automotive equipment : XPN3R804NC, XPN7R104NC, XPN6R706NC, XPN12006NC
05/13 Renesas Electronics Renesas Introduces Advanced Signal Conditioner IC Targeting Industry 4.0, Medical and IoT Sensor Applications
05/12 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Improved color variety: New, compact LED family from Osram covers a wide range of applications
05/12 Infineon Technologies StrongIRFET™ MOSFETs in D²PAK 7pin+ package targeted at battery-powered applications
05/12 Infineon Technologies StrongIRFET™ MOSFETs in D²PAK 7pin+ package targeted at battery-powered applications
05/12 Murata Manufacturing SCC3000 Series Combined Dual-Axis Gyroscope and 3-Axis Accelerometer with Digital SPI Interface
05/12 TE Connectivity New Product: SMI pressure sensor for low pressure sensing range
05/11 Taiyo Yuden TAIYO YUDEN Expands Its Product Lineup of Bluetooth® 5 Compatible Wireless Communications Modules
05/11 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Boosts Power Efficiency in Space Applications with New Radiation-Hardened Devices
05/07 Renesas Electronics Renesas Extends Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity to RA Family of 32-Bit MCUs with Arm Cortex-M Core
05/06 Bourns Inc. Bourns Introduces Chip LAN 10/100 Base-T Transformer Module
05/06 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Extends Resistance Range of MCA 1206 AT Precision Series Thin Film Chip Resistors
05/06 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Launches Ultra-Economical Synchronous-Rectification Controllers in Space-Saving 6-Pin Packages
05/05 TDK TDK launches high-performance 6-axis IMU with industry-leading motion sensor performance for IoT, robotics, AR/VR and wearable applications
05/05 Omnivision OmniVision Launches Automotive SoC for Entry-Level Rearview Cameras With Industry’s Best Low-Light Performance, Lowest Power and Smallest Size
05/05 Microchip Technology New Functional Safety Ready AVR® DA Microcontroller Family Enables Real-Time Control, Connectivity and HMI Applications
05/05 Silicon Labs Feature-Rich Power Management ICs Enhance Battery-Powered IoT Product Design
05/05 Renesas Electronics Renesas Introduces JEDEC-Compliant Precision Temperature Sensor for DDR5 Memory Modules
05/04 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology High Voltage, Automotive Grade Aluminum Capacitors Increase Design Flexibility, Reliability
05/04 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Simplifies Design and Boosts Safety with Highly Integrated Universal Car-Lock Controller
05/04 NVE NVE Introduces Noncontact ABZ TMR Magnetic Encoder Sensor
04/30 Infineon Technologies Tailor-made superjunction MOSFET performance for automotive applications with new 650 V CoolMOS™ CFD7A series
04/30 TDK Inductors: Compact dual inductors with high saturation current
04/29 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Introduces First Space-Qualified Programmable Integrated Current Limiter
04/29 Microchip Technology Microchip Announces the 53100A Phase Noise Analyzer for Precision Oscillator Characterization
04/29 Vishay New Vishay Intertechnology Wireless Charging Coils Offer Direct Replacements for EOL Devices
04/29 CTS Portfolio Expansion: Automotive Grade Crystal Resonators
04/28 Omnivision OmniVision Unveils World’s First 0.7 Micron, 64 Megapixel Image Sensor for Ultra Thin, High End Smartphones
04/28 Diodes Incorporated HDMI 2.1 Active Switch from Diodes Incorporated is Optimized for Signal Integrity, Power, and Cost
04/27 TE Connectivity New Product: PCON High-Power Terminals
04/27 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Integrates Common-Mode Filter and ESD Suppression in New Automotive-Protection Devices
04/23 Mean Well Enterprises SKMW06/DKMW06 Series 6W 1〞x 1 〞Wide Range Input Isolated DC/DC Converter
04/21 Luminus Devices Luminus breaks the $0.10 per mW barrier for UVC LEDs
04/21 Diodes Incorporated PCIe 4.0 Mux/DeMux ReDrivers From Diodes Incorporated Address Challenges of Routing High-Speed Serial Bus Signals
04/21 ON Semiconductor ON Semiconductor Unveils New QCS-AX2 Series for Wi-Fi 6E Applications
04/21 Nichicon NICHICON Launches GYD Series of 150℃ Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
04/21 Murata Power Solutions 120W 1/8th brick DC-DC converter with 9-36Vdc range for industrial applications
04/21 Nichicon NICHICON Launches Industry´s Longest Life PCM Series of 125℃ Chip-Type Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors
04/21 Nichicon NICHICON Develops a Miniaturized Snap-In Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor with a Long Lifespan (5,000 Hours at 105°C)
04/21 Nichicon NICHICON Develops JUH Series of Heat-Resistant Electric Double-Layer Capacitors Rated to 85°C
04/20 Bourns Inc. Bourns Announces New AEC-Q200 Compliant Thick Film Resistor Series Designed for General Purpose Applications
04/15 Diodes Incorporated Industry’s First DisplayPort 2.0 Active Switch Introduced by Diodes Incorporated
04/15 TT Electronics TT Electronics expands variable resistor portfolio giving professional audio industry a wide range of options
04/15 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Snap-in Power Aluminum Capacitors Enable Higher Power Density to Save PCB Space, Lower Costs
04/10 Abracon Abracon Launches Chip Antenna Evaluation Boards
04/09 Diodes Incorporated Automotive-compliant CMOS Clock Buffers from Diodes Incorporated Deliver Low Jitter, Low Skew, and Low Power Operation
04/09 NJR / JRC NJR begins Mass Production of Audio Volume MUSES72323 with high performance and high quality sound
04/09 NJR / JRC NJR begins mass production of high performance audio volumes NJU72315 / NJU72322
04/08 ROHM Semiconductor New 4ch Linear LED Drivers Ideal for 2-Wheel Rear Lamps
04/07 Renesas Electronics Renesas Expands Equipment Control and Networking Portfolio With New 32-Bit RX72N and RX66N MCUs for Industrial Automation
04/07 Lumileds Growing Infrared Camera Market Gets Needed Power Boost for Motion Tracking, Biometric Identification and Surveillance with Expanded LUXEON IR Domed Line LED Portfolio
04/07 Maxim Integrated Maxim Integrated’s Next-Generation SIMO Power Management IC Cuts Solution Size by Half and Extends Battery Life by 20 Percent for Wearables and Hearables
04/06 Vishay New Vishay Intertechnology ThermaWickTM SMD Thermal Jumper Chip Removes Heat From Electrically Isolated Components
04/02 Littelfuse Littelfuse Launches 1500 Volt Solar Fuses Rated 35 to 60 Amperage
04/01 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Simplifies Power for Smart Devices with Flexible and Rugged VIPer® Controller
03/31 Renesas Electronics Renesas RX13T 32-Bit MCU Enables Inverter Control in On-Off Switching Motors for Industrial and Home Appliances at Lower System Cost
03/31 Bourns Inc. Bourns Adds 11 Model Series to its Shielded Power Inductor Line Featuring Low Resistance, High Saturation Current
03/31 Diodes Incorporated USB Type-C Linear Mux/DeMux ReDriver with Integrated USB-C Detector from Diodes Incorporated Restores Signal Integrity and Reduces Latency
03/31 CTS CTS Releases New Series 292 Optical Ring Encoder
03/31 Toshiba Electronic Components Lineup expansion of the new generation super junction N-ch power MOSFET “DTMOSVI series” contributing to higher efficiency of power supplies: TK110N65Z, TK110Z65Z, TK110A65Z, TK125V65Z, TK155A65Z, TK1
03/30 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba’s 80V N-channel Power MOSFETs Fabricated with Latest Generation Process Help Improve Power Supply Efficiency
03/30 Toshiba Electronic Components Single-supply 4-bit level shifters for automotive use that allows easier design of voltage level translation circuits : 74LV4T125FK, 74LV4T125FT, 74LV4T126FK, 74LV4T126FT
03/30 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Commercial and Automotive Grade IHLE® Integrated E-Shield Inductors Lower Costs and Save Space
03/26 TE Connectivity New Product: 8911 Wireless Accelerometer
03/25 AKM Semiconductor AKM releases low latency 4ch A/D converter for automotive ANCs
03/24 Renesas Electronics Renesas Introduces RX23E-A MCU Starter Kit to Jumpstart Accurate Analog Evaluation for Industrial Automation and Measurement Equipment
03/24 TE Connectivity New Product: STRADA Whisper Cable Receptacle
03/19 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Introduces Standalone VBUS-Powered Controller for 5V USB-C Charging Applications
03/18 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Reveals Innovative Synchronous-Rectification Controller for Affordable, High-Efficiency Power Adapters
03/18 Mean Well Enterprises LSP-160 series Low Profile and Noise-free Enclosed Type Power Supply
03/16 Bourns Inc. Bourns Announces Nine New High Current Shielded Inductor Series
03/12 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Introduces STM32L4+ Microcontrollers for Power- and Cost-Sensitive Smart Embedded Applications
03/12 Qorvo Qorvo® Launches Two High-Performance PMICs for Data Center, Cloud Storage and Computing Applications
03/12 Bridgelux Bridgelux Eighth Generation COBs Deliver Market Leading Efficacy
03/11 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics Unveils Industry’s Highest Performance Wideband mmWave Synthesizer
03/11 Diodes Incorporated Industry-First 2.5/5/10Gbps Ethernet LAN Mux/Demux from Diodes Incorporated Enables Port Switching in Next-Generation Corporate LANs
03/11 Vishay New Vishay Intertechnology Automotive Grade Phototransistor Optocoupler Saves Energy and Space
03/10 Renesas Electronics Renesas Expands RF Beamforming Portfolio for Satellite Communications, Radar, and Phased Array Applications
03/10 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches Photocoupler with Built-in Protective Functions for Medium to High Current IGBT/MOSFET
03/10 Semtech Semtech Releases Its Newest PON-X™ Device for 10G PON Optical Network Units
03/10 Semtech Semtech Announces Next-Generation ClearEdge® CDR for 300m and 10km SFP28 Modules
03/10 Littelfuse Littelfuse Expands High Voltage Products for Electric Vehicle (EV) and Related Applications
03/10 Power Integrations Power Integrations Expands Range of InnoSwitch3 ICs Incorporating Robust 750 V GaN Transistors
03/10 ON Semiconductor ON Semiconductor Introduces New 900 V and 1200 V SiC MOSFETs for Demanding Applications
03/09 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Automotive Grade IHDM Inductor Offers Stable Inductance and Saturation at Temps to +180 °C and Current to 150 A
03/09 STMicroelectronics High-Grade iNEMO Sensors from STMicroelectronics Deliver Machine-Learning Core Efficiencies for Industrial and Consumer Applications
03/05 TE Connectivity New Product: TE Connectivity launches LUMAWISE Type Z COB LED holders
03/04 Everlight Electronics EVERLIGHT Releases UVC3535NUB Series for Medical Treatment, Water and Air Purification/Sterilization
03/04 Diodes Incorporated 18V, 6A Synchronous Buck Converter from Diodes Incorporated for POL Applications
03/04 AKM Semiconductor AKM proposes D/A Separation Solution for High-end Audio DAC achieving Real Live Sound
03/03 Power Integrations Easy-to-Use SCALE-2 Plug-and-Play Gate Drivers from Power Integrations Suit Press-Pack IGBT Modules
03/03 Cypress Semiconductor Cypress Introduces Sixth Generation USB-C Controllers for PCs and Notebooks
03/03 Allegro Industry’s First Standalone Coreless Current Sensor Reduces Size, Weight and Total System Cost for xEV Inverters
03/02 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology TNPU e3 Series Ultra Precision Thin Film Flat Chip Resistors Is Now Available in Additional Space-Saving 0402 Case Size
02/27 Toshiba Electronic Components A general-purpose package is newly available in the lineup of Toshiba’s small, surface mount LDO regulator which enables long operation and operational stability of IoT equipment : TCR3UF series
02/26 ON Semiconductor ON Semiconductor Announces Innovative New USB-C™ PD 3.0 Controllers with Advanced Feature Sets and Enhanced Efficiency
02/26 Mean Well Enterprises MDS15/20 Series15W/20W Medical Grade Module Type DC/DC Converter
02/26 Bourns Inc. Bourns Adds Four New Model Families to its Environmental Pressure Sensor Line
02/26 Diodes Incorporated PCIe 5.0 Clock Generators and Buffers from Diodes Incorporated Offer Forward Compatibility for Server, IPC, Networking, and Datacenter Applications
02/26 Allegro Allegro Pioneers the First Back-Biased GMR Transmission Speed & Direction Sensor, Operates at 50% Larger Air Gaps
02/25 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba’s New 100V N-channel Power MOSFET Helps Reduce Power Consumption of Automotive Equipment
02/25 Bourns Inc. Bourns Introduces MEMS Environmental Sensor Designed for Ultra-Low Pressure Sensing in a Digital World
02/25 Winbond Winbond introduces fully compatible drop-in replacement for SPI Flash memory offering comprehensive, end-to-end security for IoT devices
02/24 NVE NVE Introduces Ultrahigh Common Mode Transient Immunity Isolators
02/21 Toshiba Electronic Components Lineup expansion of general purpose logic ICs that can be used for a wide range of applications by raising the operating temperature
02/20 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Adds New Low Power Consumption Brushed DC Motor Driver IC
02/20 TE Connectivity TE Connectivity launches the Resolver Size 21 T7X series for industrial servo motors
02/20 Diodes Incorporated ReDrivers from Diodes Incorporated Boost Signal Quality of High-Speed USB 3.2, 10Gbps Interfaces
02/19 Bourns Inc. Bourns Introduces High Clearance / Creepage Distance Isolation Power Transformer Series
02/19 Omnivision OmniVision Expands 2 Megapixel Image Sensor Supply With New 12″ Wafer-Based Sensor for Entry Level and Mainstream Mobile Cameras
02/19 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology AEC-Q200 Qualified Thick Film High Power Resistors Reduce Component Counts, Lower Costs
02/18 ROHM Semiconductor New Shunt Resistors Feature the Industry’s Highest Rated Power in the 5.0mm×2.5mm Size
02/18 Omnivision OmniVision Announces Its First 64 Megapixel, 0.8 Micron Image Sensor
02/17 CML Microcircuits CMX7364 Multi-mode High Performance Wireless Data Modem
02/17 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches High-Current Photorelays in Small 6-pin SOP Package for Factory Automation and Industrial Applications
02/17 TE Connectivity TSYS03, an ultra-compact digital temperature sensor
02/17 Winbond Winbond’s new OctalNAND Flash provides fast, low-cost alternative to Octal NOR Flash in densities of 1Gbit and higher
02/13 AKM Semiconductor AKM releases three products suitable for NDIR flammable gas sensing: IR LED AK9703, IR sensor AK9730, and IR sensor AFE IC AK9723
02/13 STMicroelectronics Ultra-Low Power and Security for IoT Come First on New STM32L5 Microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics
02/13 Avago / Broadcom Broadcom Announces World’s First Wi-Fi 6E Chip for Mobile Devices
02/12 Mean Well Enterprises XBG Series New Generation of Circular LED Driver
02/12 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology 2 A and 3 A FRED Pt® Ultrafast Rectifiers in SlimSMAW Package Increase Reliability and Improve AOI
02/11 STMicroelectronics New STSPIN32 BLDC Drivers from STMicroelectronics Target High-Voltage Applications
02/10 Bourns Inc. Bourns Further Expands its SinglFuse™ Line with Five New Automotive-Grade SMD Fuse Model Families
02/10 Yageo Yageo will release PA Series low profile metal current sensor
02/10 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology -30 V P-Channel MOSFET in PowerPAK® 1212‑8S Package Offers Industry-Low RDS(ON) to Increase Power Density, Save Energy in Portable Electronics
02/06 Diodes Incorporated MOSFET Driver for Synchronous Rectification from Diodes Incorporated Supports CCM, DCM, and QR Operation
02/06 ROHM Semiconductor The Industry’s First Intelligent Power Devices Enabling Standalone System Protection
02/06 Mean Well Enterprises MPM-45/65/90 Series 45W/65W/90 AC/DC On Board Type Medical Grade Power Supply
02/06 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches Compact, Low Power, High Resolution Micro-stepping Motor Driver IC
02/06 CTS CTS Releases New Series 287 Rotary Potentiometer
02/05 Murata Power Solutions Murata adds 2kW power supply family for ICT and networking applications
02/05 TT Electronics Introducing High Efficiency 150 Watt Medical and Industrial Power Supply
02/04 TE Connectivity TE Connectivity provides a quick and easy-to-install solution with the new M12 X-Code Field Installable Cable Plug
02/03 NVE NVE Introduces Smart I²C TMR Angle Sensor
01/31 ROHM Semiconductor ROHM’s New Efficient Power Management IC Optimized for NXP Semiconductors’ i.MX 8M Nano Applications Processors
01/29 Diodes Incorporated Second Generation USB PD Controller from Diodes Incorporated Provides Platform for Quick Charger Solutions with Low Standby Power
01/29 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology 80 V MOSFET Offers Best in Class On-Resistance Times Gate Charge FOM to Increase Efficiency
01/28 Qorvo Qorvo® Launches Highest-Performance Wideband GaN Power Amplifier for Mission-Critical Defense Applications
01/28 Diodes Incorporated Automotive-Compliant, Real-Time Clocks from Diodes Incorporated Offer Low-Standby Current for Infotainment and T-Box Systems
01/28 TE Connectivity TE Connectivity further extends M12 range with right-angle connectors for PCBs and panels
01/28 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches Compact High-Speed Communication Logic Output Photocoupler for Programmable Logic Controllers
01/27 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Launches Integrated RGBC-IR Color Sensors With I²C Interface in Low Profile Packages
01/23 Diodes Incorporated PCIe 3.0/SATA3 Combo ReDriver from Diodes Incorporated Offers Linear Equalization with Low-Power Operation
01/22 Vishay New Vishay Intertechnology TMBS® Rectifiers in Low Profile SMP Package Increase Power Density and Efficiency
01/21 Johanson Technology Johanson Technology Release new mini UWB + 2.4GHz antenna
01/21 Fujitsu Semiconductor Fujitsu Releases 3-Channel 24GHz Doppler Radar Sensor Module
01/20 Mean Well Enterprises IRM-90 Series 90W AC/DC Industrial PCB-Mount Green Power Module
01/16 Mean Well Enterprises PWM-60KN/120KN PWM Output KNX LED Driver
01/16 Diodes Incorporated Industry’s Smallest Ultra-Thin Bus Switches from Diodes Incorporated Save Board Space
01/15 Diodes Incorporated Ultra-Low Dropout Linear LED Driver from Diodes Incorporated Extends Lighting Strips
01/15 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology’s New Proximity Sensors Feature Power Consumption Down to 6 µA in 2.55 mm x 2.05 mm x 1.0 mm SMD Package
01/14 Microchip Technology Microchip Announces Industry’s First Space-Qualified COTS-Based Radiation-Tolerant Ethernet Transceiver and Embedded Microcontroller
01/14 Power Integrations Power Integrations’ Highly Robust SCALE-iDriver Gate Drivers Achieve AEC-Q100 Automotive Qualification
01/14 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors New LED from Osram enables ultra-slim designs for headlights
01/13 TE Connectivity New Product: MS5839-02BA Sensors
01/10 NJR / JRC NJR to Provide Samples of High Precision Adjustable Shunt Regulator NJM17431
01/10 Mean Well Enterprises DDRH-60 Series 60W Ultra wide 150~1500Vdc Input Din Rail DC/DC Converter
01/09 CML Microcircuits CML brings advanced voice codec capability to Raspberry Pi users enabling easy evaluation and development
01/09 Semtech New AVX Series Chipset Delivers Low Cost Extension of AV Signals over Fiber
01/08 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics Simplifies Power Supply Design for Automotive Surround View Camera Systems
01/08 AKM Semiconductor AKM develops Bluetooth® 5.1 transmitter IC for simplifying wireless communication in your products
01/08 ams ams launches ultra-sensitive NIR image sensor promising large power savings in mobile 3D optical sensing systems
01/07 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics STM32 System-on-Chip Accelerates Creation of Smart Devices with LoRa® IoT Connections
01/07 Maxim Integrated Shrink Power and Communication Footprint by Up to 80 Percent in True Wireless Earbuds
01/07 ams ams AS3460 Digital Augmented Hearing companion chip provides world’s best performing noise cancellation for loose- and closed-fit earbuds
01/07 TDK TDK announces availability of new MEMS-based “sonar on a silicon chip” ultrasonic time-of-flight sensor with extended sensing range
01/07 TDK TDK announces fault tolerant motion sensing product family for industrial applications
01/07 Diodes Incorporated Ultra-Low Dropout Linear LED Driver from Diodes Incorporated Extends Lighting Strips
01/07 TE Connectivity New Product: SPEC 55 Low Fluoride Wire and Cable
01/06 Omnivision New OmniVision 48MP Image Sensor Provides Unparalleled High Dynamic Range and 4K Video Performance for Flagship Mobile Phones
01/06 NXP Semiconductors NXP Debuts i.MX Applications Processor with Dedicated Neural Processing Unit for Advanced Machine Learning at the Edge
01/06 Maxim Integrated Maxim Automotive Display Power Management IC Shrinks Solution Size Up to 50 Percent and Reduces Design Complexity
01/06 Bourns Inc. Bourns New Hybrid Surge Protective Device Offers Multi-Mode Protection in a Compact Design
01/03 Omnivision New OmniVision Security Image Sensor Provides Industry-High 11.3MP Resolution for 4K2K With Electronic Image Stabilization and Best in Class HDR for 1080p Video
01/03 Omnivision OmniVision Expands Industry’s Smallest BSI Global Shutter Pixel Family With New VGA Image Sensor and Wafer-Level Camera Module
01/02 Qorvo Qorvo® Transceiver Chip Simplifies IoT Design – First to Enable Simultaneous Operation of All Open, Smart Home Protocols
01/02 Omnivision OmniVision Announces 4K Video Processor with Industry’s Lowest Power Consumption and HEVC Compression Capability for Battery-Powered Security and Surveillance Applications
01/02 Mean Well Enterprises DBUF20/40 20A/40A DIN Rail Buffer Modules